The idea of "conscious uncoupling" predated Gwyneth and Chris by centuries, but thank you to them for reestablishing the importance of maintaining grace under pressure. Even after so many years of our society collectively striving for a healthy and peaceful balance in the wake of divorce, it is still a tumultuous road for many. There may not be one simple path out of marriage, but there are ways to make it much more pleasant and perhaps not so lonely.


With this blog I want to share my experiences, and I invite you to share yours, in the hopes of providing a community for women to find support, direction, and most importantly, connection. I will cover topics from how to begin to approach a separation, to custody difficulties, to finding a new life balance. We'll discuss dating (and sex!) after divorce, and even how to combine families after you are possibly ready to "re-couple." And through all of it, I will explore how to maintain, reclaim or obtain your independent spirit that you will need to thrive. Let's fill in those gaps in your life that you may have both brought to--and taken away--from this marriage or other important relationship that has ended. 

I promise you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and the road getting there may not be smooth, but it can be more fulfilling than you might imagine.  Let's get there, and STAY there...together.